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Power stage of laptop motherboard?

How many types of Power stage of laptop motherboard?

Power stages are available in the laptop motherboard:Mechanical off: only CMOS cell connected, when adaptor and battery not connected. RTC get input power from CMOS cell.Soft off/power off: before pressing the power button, adaptor, and the battery will be connected and its power supply will present inside.Standby mode (ALW): after pressing the power ON button, first standby voltage- will be ON inside motherboard.Power On mode power: when all powers on the notebook motherboard are present means running conditionHibernate mode: when the system goes to hibernate mode, all power will be completely off. When the power on the laptop is turned on, and the power resumes all open application and data because the data is stored on the hard disk instead of stored in RAM.Sleep mode: sleep mode is a power saving state, in which you can resume, full power to work again. The technical computer remains on but uses very little power. All current data is stored on RAM, not in HDD.When required power: some devices when enabling then its power will be on i.e. camera, Bluetooth, wifi, etc

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